School of Sport

Snowsport Course Organiser

This course is designed to help potential Leaders and Assistant Leaders plan and organise a Snowsports Course in the UK and abroad for children and young people. It will support course organisers in making wise and effective decisions leading to a safe and rewarding experience of the mountain environment and a wonderful mountain sport. It does not qualify holders to supervise skiing or to give ski instruction on any surface unless additionally qualified (ASCL).


This course is not assessed, certification is by attendance. Persons wishing to register with Snowsport England as Snowsport Course Organisers will, in addition to providing proof of attendance at a Snowsport Course Organiser Workshop, need to provide proof of their ability to ski to snowplough turn (or better) standard. Registering is not essential.

Course Duration:

A minimum of 6 hours tuition to be provided in a suitable venue (i.e.classroom).

Course Content:

1.    Aims & Educational Potential of a Snowsports Course
2.    Planning a Snowsports course
3.    Selecting a Snowsports Course
4.    Leader's responsibilities
5.    Snowsports Clothingand Accessories
6.    Snowsports Equipment
7.    Fitness
8.    Climate & Weather
9.    Snowsports Safety

For further information or to book on this course please contact the course tutor Sally Berry

Telephone 01837 861407or email