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 Welcome to the Move Better Fitness Academy

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Fitness Training and Movement Development

We are now running classes in Dynamic Movement Skills on a Wednesday evening from 6.00pm-9pm 3 classes will be available here at the Cedars Coaching Academy to improve sports performance and fitness in athletes, children and adults. The DMS system is being used at elite level sport by premiership football teams, Rugby clubs, and Olympic athletes, 20 sports in the Norwegian Institute of sport and used in 65 schools.

Develop speed, quickness, explosiveness, co-ordination, dynamic balance and core control and give a great workout to the cardiovascular system.

What if I am not an athlete?

Using this system means that even if you are not an athlete you can benefit greatly from the training, many of the individuals using our system enjoy the fitness aspect and benefits from using the system giving more confidence in maintaining balance and coordinating movement in daily life.

Does it affect your sport?

Our training will help you develop movement in your sport; whether you play sports like badminton, tennis, football netball, rugby, netball, basketball, martial arts, endurance runner, and triathlete. Athletes often try to improve their performance by increasing the amount of practice time in their sport this may lead to frustration if your movement needs correcting first to able to improve in your sport. Why not come along and see how well you move?

I am an athlete and have a problem with developing speed in football can you help?

Developing speed in movement needs good movement mechanics, these skills need to be taught we are able to assess and develop the skills you need to improve your speed.

I have an ankle sprain?

We are able to use our system to rehab injuries, please call for details

I am a runner will the DMS system help me?

The DMS system can help developing efficiency in movement, improving co-ordination and balance, and helping to correct asymmetrical muscle imbalances.

Hear what the former Crystal Palace manager “Dougie Freedman” had to say about the DMS system

“Improve movement first” is becoming the new concept in fitness.

When first seeing the DMS mat the usual comment is “it’s a dance mat”, but on trying a few moves on the mat weaknesses in movement control can be readily seen.  The methodology behind the system is completely different; the DMS system focuses on re-educating the neuromuscular system to react dynamically to movement.

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If you would like to join our class or find out more please call Trevor or Nikki on 07795 536 022